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The Zlotovers of Avaslan

The Zlotovers emigrated to Ireland from Avaslan in the late 1880s after the enactment of the notorious May Laws in Tsarist Russia.

The following extract from The Zlotover Story by Dr Melisande Zlotover is the only description we have of what Avaslan was like or even where it was.

Fortunately, it is an extremely detailed description and was my bible as I searched for modern day Avaslan.

Although I have not yet been able to track down any definitive legal proof of ownership, I am convinced that the photos of Avaslan on this site are of the right place.

Today's Avaslan is called Avizliai and is a tiny, remote hamlet on the banks of the river just near the village of Venta. Venta itself did not exist in the 1800s (it grew with the advent of the railway at the turn of the century)and the nearest market towns would have been Vieksniai (Veksnu) to the North and Papile (Popalan) to the South.

click here for more information on the May Laws

Zlotover Story

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