Welcome to Avaslan
Brian Friedman's Genealogy Website
Interactive Family Tree - Brilliant !!!
The Zlotovers of Avaslan
Descendants of Iosel Zlotover
Pictures of Avaslan
The Zlotovers of Dublin
The Zimblers of Goldingen
Descendants of Abraham Zimbler
Pictures of Goldingen
Friedman from Libau
Descendants of Wulf Friedman
The killing fields of Skede
Photos of modern day Liepaja
Pictures of Libau
The first Tarshish
Tarshish from Zosli and Vievis
Descendants of Meyer Tarshish
More detail on the Tarshish tree
Family Photos - Zlotover
Family Photos - Zimbler
Family Photos - Friedman
Family Photos - Tarshish
The May Laws of 1882
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